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Bullet; Black LoveBobu: It was a pretty nice afternoon. There were little clouds in the light blue sky, a gentle breeze in the air and just the right amount of heat from the high risen sun. One would say this is the perfect time for going outside and enjoying the lovely weather. This is true for the young poocheyna who took it upon himself to clean the beach on such a day.

Luca, the poocheyna, walked slowly across the sand of the heavily littered beach, dragging along two large garbage bags. Though there were others on the beach as well, he minded his business as usual. With his muzzle facing down, Luca kept his eyes glued to the sand, picking up rubbish while paying little to no attention to others who may come in his way.


Bullet; Blue possibiliteas: Alex poured a cold glass of lemonade on a red cup and sipped on it out of thirst. He knew that he was selling the beverage but he was really affected by the heat today.

"Aah..." He exhaled in relief, he put the cup down and continued to wait for any potential customers to pass by. It was always a slow day for him, people would always pass by the stand he was staying in.

Bullet; Black LoveBobu: Luca continued to slowly pace himself though the beach, picking up trash off the sand, not even looking up to see where he's going. This was all fine for him until this little pooch walked right into a large box. He dropped the bags and slammed his hands on the top of the box, stopping himself from potentially falling on top of it. He didn't even notice the young luxio or the lemonade until he finally paid attention to what was going on around him.

Looking down at the lemonade, then looking at the luxio, Luca's face flushed under his gray fur, out of embarrassment. He quickly turned away and took a few steps back, while still holding onto the box, trying to support it.

"S-sorry...about that..." he muttered, still awkwardly holding the box. He was just too embarrassed to move or to look at the luxio who was very clearly there.


Bullet; Blue possibiliteas: Alex looked at the stranger in surprise, he was leaning on the cardboard box and looked very flustered. "It's okay!" He assured the Poochyena.


Bullet; Black LoveBobu: The poocheyna finally let go of the box and stood up straight. "...Did...did anything spill...?" he asked, scratching the back of his head and looking off to the side. He was feeling rather flustered and still embarrassed, though he was genuinely worried that he might have wrecked something.


Bullet; Blue possibiliteas: Alex looked down on the box to see the pile of red cups scatter around the sandy ground, but there was no sight of liquid on the box.

"Nothing." He assured the Poochyena, "I'm glad you didn't spill anything. It took me ages to find a good lemon fruit here." He chuckled, trying to make a joke out of the awkward situation.


Bullet; Black LoveBobu: "There's fruit here?" he asked, sounding a bit less awkward as he bent down to pick up the scattered red cups. Considering how the luxio said it, fruits here must be pretty difficult to find; then again he's ever seen a wild grown fruit in this least not yet. He felt a bit more comfortable knowing that he didn't spill anything, though he wouldn't have minded helping him find replacement lemons.


Bullet; Blue possibiliteas: "Well, I've seen some fruit trees around the town, someone must've planted it but they only have one or two fruit hanging ripe on their branches." He said, "But putting that aside," He started to change the topic, "Want some lemonade?" He asked.


Bullet; Black LoveBobu: "Ah..." he replied as he looked off in the distance, trying to see if he can spot at least one of these trees. Ears perked up in interest, the luxio quickly caught his attention again after he asked him if he wanted some lemonade. It's been a long while since he's had lemonade, and he was starting to feel a bit thirsty after working hard under the sun too.

"Sure." he replied, placing the stacked red cups back on the cardboard box. It wasn't too long until he realized that this luxio is not sharing, but selling the lemonade.

"…U-uh, how much does one cup of lemonade cost?" he asked as he rummaged through his pockets for change.


Bullet; Blue possibiliteas: "50 bells." Alex answered. He took one cup and poured the cold beverage on it.


Bullet; Black LoveBobu: He paused. 50 bells sounded a bit expensive to him at first, but after a bit of thought and considering how rare lemons are, the price made sense. A part of him wanted to back out, but the luxio already poured him a cup. It would be rude to back out now. Pressuring himself a bit, the pooch counted his bells.

"Fifty..." he said, placing the bells on the box. Putting extra bells in his pocket with one hand, he carefully picked up the cup with the other. "Thank you." he said with a small smile.


Bullet; Blue possibiliteas: "Um..." Alex muttered, "Tell your friends?" He awkwardly suggested.

"But thank you... Mr..." He thanked but stopped, not knowing the stranger's name.


Bullet; Black LoveBobu: Luca chucked awkwardly and rubbed the back of his head after his suggestion.

"I would...if I had any..." he said dryly. He looked over to the side as he took a sip from his cup. He felt a bit bad for sounding cold there, but it was the truth. He was a pretty lonely pooch in this town, having no friends and all.

Luca looked back at the luxio after he thanked him.

"Lowe." he said, finishing his sentence. Being called by his last name in a more formal manner felt rather strange to him. "But please, call me Luca..." he added.


Bullet; Blue possibiliteas: Alex stiffened in shock, he gave the pokemon a sheepish leer. "O-oh... I-I'm sorry." He apologized.

"I'm Alex." He introduced himself, "Thank you for buying the lemonade, Mr. Luca." He thanked Luca once again.


Bullet; Black LoveBobu: Luca rubbed the back of his fluffy head again and looked away, feeling quite embarrassed as the luxio apologized.

"You're welcome...Alex..." he said, glancing back at him. He closed his eyes and took another sip of the lemonade, taking longer than the previous time. He looked at the cup, then looked at Alex with a small smile. "That's some pretty good lemonade." he said, trying to sound more friendly.


Bullet; Blue possibiliteas: "Um... Yeah, I put some honey on it." Alex explained. He looked at the pitcher of lemonade to see it empty, "Well, I'm all out."

He grabbed his items and flipped the box upside-down, putting them in the box, and closing it.


Bullet; Black LoveBobu: The pooch took a few steps back as Alex flipped over the box and closed up shop. Upon seeing this, Luca tried to drink the lemonade faster, despite wanting to savour it like he normally would with tasty drinks.

"U-uh, do you need this cup back?" he asked hesitantly as he unintentionally presented the red half empty cup. He assumed this whole time he did, that's why he never left the stall; but considering how the luxio packed up, Luca was having some serious second thoughts. All of that time spent being accidentally awkward around a stranger could have been prevented...but the on bright side, he got acquainted with someone.


Bullet; Blue possibiliteas: Alex paused for a second and thought, why do I want it back? It's plastic. "Um... No." He shook his head, "Y-you can keep it if you want to..." He said awkwardly, "Wait no."

 His palm crashed unto his face, "I'm sorry, I'm just being really awkward right now." He apologized, "Forgive me in advance whenever we meet and I say or do something stupid like that."


Bullet; Black LoveBobu: "O-ok." Luca responded quickly, bringing the cup close to him again. He was starting to feel very awkward and flustered again, feeling embarrassed for himself for saying the wrong words and acting somewhat foolish.


Luca nodded in response. He opened his mouth slightly in hesitation. He was not confident at all at the moment, but he still felt like he needed to at least say something. "I'm...I'm sorry..." he said quietly, looking down. "I'm not usually this strange around people...I'm sorry for making you feel awkward..." He looked up at Alex, still feeling embarrassed, but slightly more comfortable after his apology. "...And uh, thanks...for the cup."


Bullet; Blue possibiliteas: "No need!" Alex shook his head, "It's okay. I always find myself being awkward around people too." He assured Luca, "So don't worry about it, Mr. Luca."


Bullet; Black LoveBobu: Luca turned and rubbed the back of his fluffy head again, smiling softly as he gazed away from Alex. 'At least he's not the only one...' he thought to himself, feeling more reassured and less embarrassed of himself.


Bullet; Blue possibiliteas: "Huh?" Alex asked, he seem to hear Luca's mutter but he couldn't really decipher what he was saying.


Bullet; Black LoveBobu: "O-oh! It's nothing..." he said, with a little chuckle at the end.


Bullet; Blue possibiliteas: "Well, I gotta go." Alex announced, "Hope to see you again, Mr. Luca!" He said as he waved goodbye to Luca and started to walk away.

Bullet; Black LoveBobu: "Uh, yeah...yeah!" he said a little hesitantly as he lifted his free hand in the air and gave a small wave. "See you around..." And with that, Luca placed the empty red cup into one of his garbage bags and walked away as well, dragging along the two garbage bags. 

PKMNSkies: Lemonade at the beach
Simple RP between possibiliteas and me, LoveBobu

Alex (c) possibiliteas
Luca (c) Me
Pokemon (c) Game Freak

Word count: 1586 words
Fire by LoveBobu
a long awaited commission for Aunekx-Keansmu

i do apologize for taking so long for uploading this D:  i finished it about a year and a half ago, but for whatever reason, i felt shy to post it

Joyce (c) Aunekx-Keansmu
Mega Houndoom (c) Game Freak
This pokemon skies thing has got me more hooked than i thought i'd ever be. 
Clean It Pooch by LoveBobu
Clean It Pooch
for the cleaning the beaches event for :iconpkmnskies:

i'm not too happy with the piece, but at least i broke my art block c: ...sorta
paint spider by LoveBobu
paint spider
i drew this one night when i was half asleep. i expected it to be worse, but it's actually pretty good for a "i was half asleep" drawing. i kinda wish i was able to fix some of the mistakes on this...oh well

Violet (c) NekoSmeet
species (s) HAL laboratories (sorta) 


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